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Less Crowds. More Wonder.

While you’re no doubt dreaming of the red-tiled rooftops of Italy, the smooth golden ales of Ireland, and the sparkling blue waters of Greece, wait no more for the green light to pack your bags and go! As you turn from armchair traveler to active explorer, it’s natural to crave the roads less traveled. Open the door to the undiscovered treasures of the world – the coasts without crowds, the towns without traffic, and the thrilling sights without the throngs. Our exclusive collection of Undiscovered Tours invites you to trade the roar of Rome for the tranquility of Tuscany in Italy, the clamor of crowds for the calm of the British countryside, the sea of tourists for the quiet, coastal villages of the Mediterranean, and the congested cities of North America for the crowd-pleasing gems in your own backyard. Globus Undiscovered Tours lead you off the beaten piazzas and down the cobblestones less traveled, getting you up close to the untouched, the unspoiled, and the unexpected, all while meeting your expectations of nothing less than extraordinary.

Less Traveled. Equally Loved.

  • Simply put, a tour is a perfectly planned vacation package.

  • There's no driving, no navigating and no crying.

  • A tour delivers both daydreams and restful nights.

  • Tours skip the lines.

  • On your own, you see. On a tour, you do.

  • There is a rock star on your tour - your tour director.

  • Tours save your two favorite things: money and time.

Undiscovered North America

Between North America’s breathtaking national parks, cool emerging cities, and tiny historic towns, there’s a surplus of sights you haven’t seen in your own backyard. With bucket-list vacations from Canada to Cali and Yakima to the Yukon, we invite you to fetch a pail of wonder as you discover the undiscovered right outside your door. From the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters, this land was made for you to see.

Undiscovered Mediterranean

Beyond the Mediterranean’s azure waters lie tiny whitewashed villages nestled against sandy shores, marble-clad fortresses, and winding chains of turquoise waterfalls--places loved by locals. Follow us down sun-soaked streets to discover the places where cities, seas, and cultures connect--places you won’t find on other tours or cruises. No one gets you closer to the magic of the Mediterranean than Globus.

Undiscovered Italy

We invite you to rediscover your love for Italy. The beauty of the less-traveled areas of Italy is what you’ll find more of—more intact ancient architecture, more wide-open views, and more local experiences. An Undiscovered Tour gets you closer to these dolce discoveries—with more included features and unique surprises— plus plenty of free time to explore like a local.

Undiscovered Britain

Say, "Cheerio," to typical tours for a better, brilliant way for you to see life in England, Scotland, and Wales. From winding paths to windswept cliffs, we invite you to discover Britain's authentic places beyond the London Bridge with a selection of travel styles and tours to see Britain in a brand new way.